TEACHERS’ HOMEPAGES AND TESOL: Building Upon Preconceptions and Perceptions – Hwakang Journal of TEFL

By | November 1, 2015

1. Educational Writing

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This study examines the different perceptions between students and teachers of the purpose of ESL teachers’ homepages. It creates and administers a short survey of students’ expectations with regard to teachers’ homepages. The results are analyzed and the 10 top categories of interest to students are selected. These top 10 represent 65 percent of the total preferences expressed by the students.

Then 201 websites, from a well-known ESL directory on the Internet, are examined to find out whether the webpages provide content and interaction that meet the expressed needs of students. Findings highlighted both how the nature and extent of the differences between expectations of teachers and their student visitors. In conclusion, recommendations for teachers are made for teachers wanting to develop their own website as well as for areas of further research. …

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