Sample Test Question: Sample

By | August 4, 2017

Announcement to all line managers for the evening shift.

Please ensure that all passages and emergency exits are unobstructed and accessible. From 7 to 8pm tomorrow, an inspection will be carried out on site by a representative from the City Fire Deparment.

So we would like to pass the inspection with flying colors. We are relying on the cooperation of all line managers to make sure their shop floor is up to code.

What is the main reason for this announcement?
(A) To notify line managers about an increase in manufacturing
(B) To warn staff to keep exits obstructed
(C) To inform about an upcoming inspection
(D) To welcome a new team member

Who is going to be visiting the factory premises?
(A) A fire department inspector
(B) A company supervisor
(C) A health department employee
(D) A maintenance director

How are listeners required to cooperate?
(A) Inspect the fire equipment
(B) Test the emergency warning alarms
(C) Study the fire emergency code
(D) Check emergency exits are free and usable

This sample was used to submit for an interview, but wasn’t approved for publication as no payment or copyright terms for such publication were provided or agreed to. Therefore I provide this sample for work done under ‘samples’.