About the Author

I have been living and working in Taiwan for a wee while now. Though Taipei is warm in the summer, I manage to soothe those hot days with smoothies, cold water (and the occasional beer!), and lots of famous ice dishes!

Writing interests include my coffee website, PurelyCoffeeBeans Dot Com, InvestorBlogger.com, and Taipei City Guide. Building, hosting, and running WordPress websites for myself and several clients keep me occupied when I am not teaching. My other interests include: writing for publication (see list of printed publications), street & scenery photography, urban & country walking, ethnic food, and playing board games when he has time.

LookThroughTheLens.com is intended to bring together some samples of my photography and published writing. For years, I’ve done a lot of photography because I enjoy it. Just recently, I started sharing some on Facebook from my other sites.

That’s when I realized the writing and photography both need their own home: a place where you can look through my lens and pens. “A Look Through The Lens” is my website to share some of my work with you. Enjoy yourself looking at my photographs as I journey from unseasoned amateur to … well, we’ll see where the journey goes.

Still very much learning these skills. So no hurry then! Drop me a line!