Red Room Exhibition of Selected Photowalkers’ Works in Centered on Taipei, October 2018

Excerpt: “Sometimes an opportunity comes up, you just have to grab it and hang on until the very end! When we received the Artists’ Call from Red Room on August 8th, it was Tobie Openshaw who opened the door to putting on our exhibition with his sensible, straightforward advice.” “Red Room Exhibition of Selected Photowalkers’ Works” published in… Read More »

Travel in Taiwan: September 2018

Excerpt: “After having been an avid photography buff for many years, one day not so long ago, I decided to join Photowalkers Taiwan, a Taipei-based group that organizes walks for photography enthusiasts…” “Three Photography Lessons: My Travel Log” published in Travel in Taiwan, September, 2018. Text and Pictures. pg 31.

Red Room Article @ Centered on Taipei, September 2018

Excerpt: “Photowalkers Taipei has been organizing photowalks for several years already. We welcome anyone with an interest in photography, regardless of their level of ability. We aim to draw in all members of the local community to share our common love for photographs and photography.” “Photowalkers Taipei creates a mini-RED Exhibition @ Red Room” published in Centered on Taipei, September, 2018. Text. Pictures by… Read More »

See the Sights of Taipei by MRT and Train

Welcome to Taipei! Taipei is a major city with excellent transportation, so exploring Taipei will be easy and enjoyable for you. You should use the Taipei Metro (MRT) and train networks as much as possible to see the sights of Taipei. Take the MRT Across Taipei Image via Instagram by LookThroughTheLens (Kenneth Dickson) and is copyright via its owner. All… Read More »

Photowalking Through Taipei’s History: Centered on Taipei

“Photowalking Through Taipei’s History“, published in Centered on Taipei, April, 2018. Text and pictures. pg 13-15. Photowalking Through Taipei’s History Photowalkers is a group of over seven hundred photography enthusiasts in Taipei that gather inspiration and photos while walking around Taipei on guided “Photowalks.” Member Kenneth Dickson describes three especially fruitful areas of the city for photographing the… Read More »